AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners

By | November 3, 2016

AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners Details information about Document and process applying for AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners.

AADHAAR Card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India.Aadhaar Card is a 12 digit identification number for the citizens of India.Aadhaar card is considered to be one of the most important documents and is inspired by the Social Security Number in the USA.It provide identification for each resident all over the nation and would be used mainly as the basis for well-organized delivery of welfare services.

In this article we are providing Details information about Document and process applying for AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners.

AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners

As we know that AADHAAR card is available free of cost to all citizen and residents of India, including NRIs and resident foreign nationals.Earlier NRI were not eligible to apply for AADHAAR Card. But later Government of India realized the need and approved AADHAAR Card for NRI as well as resident foreign citizens.Only Indian residents can use this card for their identification in India. But the NRI population is growing fast and they have an important role to expedite development in country.Thus the government has planned, to issue Aadhar card to the NRIs & Foreigners.

Document and process applying for AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners.

NRIs & Foreigners can also apply for Aadhar Card.If any NRI or a Foreigner is willing to apply for the AADHAAR card, they have to be physically present at any of the AADHAAR card center in India.They can apply at any of the open AADHAAR card center near their location in India.

Process to Apply for AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners

Procedure to apply for AADHAAR Card for NRI are same as any other applicant.

-To Know about AADHAAR Card procedure click here:- Aadhaar Card Procedure

Document required to apply for AADHAAR Card for NRI

The documents requirements to apply for AADHAAR Card for NRI are same as any other applicant. Three supporting documents are needed to apply. 1 documents each for Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and Proof of Date of Birth.

To get information detail about the documents required to apply for AADHAAR card click here:- AADHAR Card Documents Required

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12 thoughts on “AADHAAR Card for NRIs & Foreigners

  1. A.suresh

    Hai sir/madam,
    My name is. A.SURESH , right now i working in Singapore and may i know how to apply aadhar card from Singapore.

  2. K.S.Subra Manian

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had posed a question to you about 2 weeks ago if it is possible for a NRI to get an AADHAR card without having to incur the expense of coming to India just for this purpose. May I have a reply if this is possible ?
    K>S>Subra Manian

  3. Munna

    Why do you need Aadhar when you don’t have any intention to back to India. You can apply or Aadhar once you back from your destination countries

    1. Sunil Kololgi

      Minna, the NRI has NRO & FCNR accounts in India from where he may need to withdraw money from.
      The government should clarify that an NRI can operate his account in India freely without an Aadhaar card.

  4. Moin

    As far as I know, one must be physically present in India at any AADHAR center as their finger prints, photo capturing and eye scanning has to be done as part of enrollment process to issue the AADHAR card and that is the reason AADHAR can not be issued online.


  5. Amrit Gadhia

    please list clearly if foreign documents are accepted as proof of address and residence etc to apply for aadhar NO

  6. pawan paudel

    Hello sir, I am form Nepal and I living India form 1 year. I work Designing Job hear . I want to live hear for permanantly. It can be possible to apply to aadhar card . If possible plz what document required for apply.


    Why can’t High Commission be authorised to issue Aadhar Card to NRi in that country ?

  8. brijesh

    The aadhar card is sent to applicant’s address. Will NRI get his card at his foreign address?

    Else, if you leave India after applying, it shall go back to authorities as undelivered!!!!!

  9. Mohan

    Hi Sir,
    Can we apply adhar card at Indian high commission in Singapore?

  10. Naresh


    My daughter was born in US in last year and have a valid OCI card. Can we apply AADHAAR card for her? If yes, can we provide US address as address proof or it has be Indian home address ?

    Also, is AADHAAR filing process same for infants?



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